Friday, June 26, 2009


Mercer is an asshole, this was not played up enough in the game. I have a love of snarky bastards and scientist. He was neither sciencey or snarky, but he did have giant monster claws.

Needs to be finished.

Also Ghostbusters is a cool videogame. Survival Humor for the win.

Scaredy Cat

This is from two semesters ago. I'm totally cheating. But it does have one of my characters in it. Dave is a North American boogieman, he used to be human and is dangerously close to falling in the "cursed with awesome" trope. He does want to find a way to be cured of it but doesn't whine about it constantly. I got annoyed with all the angry, angsty darkness powered badass superheros so I made one who is more or less a normal guy, he's 38 and used to teach middle-high school English.

He's a supernatural creature so that comes with some interesting powers. He's made of living shadow so bullets are less than effective but bright light hits him like a physical force, he can flatten out into a two dimentsional form and move through shadows, he's crazy fast, and he can shapeshift back into a person although he still doesn't look entirely human (i.e. claws, orange eyes, excedingly gaunt and creepy).

He has read every Steven King book ever and has been working on writing a horror novel for several years. It's pretty bad, he fails at horror.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


It's cute and pandering... look at it's little blue hamster hands.

Sketch Blog.

Hello hello!
This is my sketch blog and I shall fill it with stuff. Basically this is where I informally put everything and here is where I put together portfolios in hopes of one day getting payed to draw the dumb things that I like. Right now I'm just going to dump some images I have up on deviantart here.

Hmm... Needs Moar art. Here we go then.

Look! It's really old art! Lungile and Omni to be precise. I have this habit of drawing lots of fanart for people who I think are cool. Most of it never gets finished. Lungile belongs to OnionKnight and Omni belongs to SleepDep. You guys rock.