Friday, June 26, 2009

Scaredy Cat

This is from two semesters ago. I'm totally cheating. But it does have one of my characters in it. Dave is a North American boogieman, he used to be human and is dangerously close to falling in the "cursed with awesome" trope. He does want to find a way to be cured of it but doesn't whine about it constantly. I got annoyed with all the angry, angsty darkness powered badass superheros so I made one who is more or less a normal guy, he's 38 and used to teach middle-high school English.

He's a supernatural creature so that comes with some interesting powers. He's made of living shadow so bullets are less than effective but bright light hits him like a physical force, he can flatten out into a two dimentsional form and move through shadows, he's crazy fast, and he can shapeshift back into a person although he still doesn't look entirely human (i.e. claws, orange eyes, excedingly gaunt and creepy).

He has read every Steven King book ever and has been working on writing a horror novel for several years. It's pretty bad, he fails at horror.

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