Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Oh god! An update. Run.

SHAMELESS WIP DUMPING GROUND! Why!? I will finish things one day and upload them here and it shall be glorious.

Gail is an effeminate Ice Mage I made years ago. We're talking back in highschool. I've recently been revamping him a little, making him uglier and grayer as my style has been slowly drifting that way. He's a jerk. :[

This happens to be a character I played in a hellboy based rpg game. He is a North American boogieman. He wasn't always. When he was still human he used to teach middle school English. He was turned after he was attacked by a creature, they have a venom/enzyme thing that breaks down things they try to eat into shadow matter so that they can ingest it (being made out of living shadow themselves), but sometimes their prey gets away with only an envenomed bite and spends the next few days turning into a shadow thing. This is what happened to Dave.

Here we have my Left 4 Dead based character, Lars. He's a sleazy, lying, sack of shit. He was a talented student who dropped out of medschool two years before he would have graduated and proceeded to make and sell drugs. After the outbreak he was bit while attempting to loot, the infection didn't take hold of his nervous system do to a rare genetic condition. So he's pretty much just a gross, sick person.

I go sleep now because I am tired.

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  1. Gail looks cool so far! The touches of purple in his face and the blood.